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  • Dental Carbide Burrs for Clinical and Surgical.

    Please browse web page named before order SYNDENT Dental Carbide Burs.

    This kind of products are named clinical and surgical carbide burs. We also call them FG and RA carbide burs and HP carbide burs.

    SYNDENT Carbides are available in a full range of surgical, metal cutting, trimming and finishing burs.
    Shank type: Standard friction grip shank, short shank, right angle latch and their surgical length. You can understand the shank parameters easily from the following picture.

  Name   ISO   Diameter   Length
 FGSS  313  1.60mm
 FG  314  1.60mm
 FG L  315  1.60mm
 FG SURG  316  1.60mm
 RA  204  2.35mm
 RA SURG(25)  206  2.35mm
 RA SURG(34)  206  2.35mm
 HP  104  2.35mm

Generally speaking, trimming and finishing carbide burs have 12 basic flutes and 30 flutes. Dentist can select the exact dental carbide burs according to their special demands.

Syndent superior quality FG carbide burs promise very higher concentricity, faster and smoother cutting and improved finishing.

Contact us for the complete list of available shapes.

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